This is THE BOOTLEG SIXTIES, the longest- running show we’re involved with. It came from a concept we’d been working on with our friends The Overtures, and over the past twelve years it has developed into quite a beast ! From its’ humble beginnings at Leeds Queens Hall, the show is now the biggest, best and slickest of its’ kind, touring the UK and Europe to huge acclaim, and even having enjoyed a residency in Las Vegas. The quality of the musicianship and production is unrivalled, and the show is constantly being upgraded to make sure that it remains the leading Sixties show touring today.




THE BOOTLEG EIGHTIES show made its’ debut in Holland in late 2019 to a fantastic reception. Featuring the talents of top UK Eighties exponents Wild Boys, who had already built up a strong following in their own right, this show captures all the fun, excitement, sights and sounds of the decade. It’s given us the chance to add some different “bells and whistles” to the production, like lasers and inflatables, and the end result is an absolute belter of a show. Featuring a sweeping repertoire from the pure pop of Depeche Mode’s “ Just Can’t Get Enough” to the moodiness of Phil Collins’ “ In The Air Tonight”, this show is the Eighties benchmark that all others must aspire to.



The newest addition to the stable is the LEATHER & LACE rock show…and what an addition it is ! Showcasing twin vocal powerhouses Mark Thompson-Smith and Tanyth Roberts-James, Leather & Lace deliver the very best in rock anthems and power ballads. With a crack five-piece band bringing the thunder, the addition of the Transmedia742.Net production “fairy dust” sees L & L secure its’ seat at the top table of classic rock shows. Songs from the very best rock bands of the past four decades are all there…. Aerosmith, Boston, Queen, Journey, Rainbow, Heart, Bon Jovi….the list goes on. Imagine you’ve got a jukebox that’s loaded with your favourite top rock tunes, then add the magic of this superb group of musicians, and you’re getting somewhere close to the live Leather & Lace experience…  



You don’t get to the final of The Voice UK without an amazing set of pipes, and that’s exactly what JOLAN is blessed with. On that show he blew the audience and judges away with a stunning rendition of Princes’ “ Purple Rain”, so it was a natural progression for him to develop his love of Princes’ music into a full – blown show. This is no “lookalike” knock-off, though….it’s a heartfelt and beautifully executed appreciation of the man’s music. With a catalogue of hundreds of classic songs to choose from, a voice that has to be heard to be believed and a virtuoso band, there’s no way this show can possibly fail. Don’t come expecting to see someone in a bad wig and purple suit doing a bad impression of the Minneapolis Magician….this is waaaaay more classy. The Revolution starts here….